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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Republic day skit 26 January for school assembly

 Hi friends, in every school there is a program on Republic day, skit, drama, songs and a series of programs are conducted for the celebration. 

* Republic day skit script is shared at end, the script is in English, Republic day skit in english. 

Here I am sharing a program idea and some link to skits which can be used for the drama/ skit on Republic day.:

Idea for the program:

1. Flag hoisting by principal/chief guest and National Anthem

2.  Patriotic song

3.  Significance of the day

4. Drama or skit

5.  Traditional dress competition

6.  Speech by Principal/Chief Guest

7. Vote of thanks

REPUBLIC DAY SKIT for school assembly or programme :Indian patriotic skit script in English : 

Title: "The Republic Day Parade Surprise"


Ravi (Narrator/Student)
Alisha (Student)
Mr. Kumar (Teacher)
Various students (who play different roles in the skit)
[Scene opens with Ravi standing center stage, addressing the audience.]

Ravi: (Excitedly) Good morning, everyone! Today, we're going to present a skit to celebrate India's Republic Day! It's a special day when our country's diverse culture and heritage shine through!

[Alisha enters, looking confused]

Alisha: Ravi, what's so special about Republic Day? It's just a holiday, right?

Ravi: Oh, no, Alisha! Republic Day is way more than just a day off from school. It's when India's Constitution came into effect, giving us our rights and responsibilities as citizens!

[Alisha looks intrigued and joins Ravi.]

Ravi: (Continuing) Let's show everyone what it's all about! (He gestures toward Mr. Kumar, who steps forward to guide them.)

Mr. Kumar: Alright, everyone! Gather around. We'll recreate the Republic Day Parade! Ravi, Alisha, you'll play the roles of the parade hosts.

[Ravi and Alisha stand center stage as the "parade" begins.]

Mr. Kumar: (Narrating) Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the tableau depicting the rich cultural heritage of India!

[Students come forward, representing various states with their traditional attire and props. Music representing different regions plays in the background.]

Ravi: (Proudly) Look, Alisha! Each state is showcasing its unique culture through dance, music, and vibrant costumes!

Alisha: (Amazed) Wow! India is so diverse and colorful!

[As the "parade" continues, a group of students enters, carrying a large replica of the Indian flag.]

Mr. Kumar: And now, the most awaited part—the grand unfurling of the Indian tricolor!

[Everyone stands as the flag is unfurled, while the national anthem plays softly in the background. The students look up with reverence.]

Ravi: (Whispers to Alisha) This moment fills me with pride and respect for our country.

Alisha: (Nods in agreement) Definitely! I never knew Republic Day was this meaningful.

[The skit ends with the students singing a patriotic song, emphasizing unity and love for their country.]

Ravi: (Addressing the audience) Let's always remember the spirit of Republic Day—unity in diversity and the values our Constitution upholds. Jai Hind!

[The students take a bow, and the audience applauds.]

Mr. Kumar: Well done, everyone! Remember, Republic Day is not just a holiday; it's a celebration of our unity and diversity as Indians!

[The stage fades out with the students smiling and waving to the audience.]

(End of skit)

The above Patriotic Drama Script can be used in school assembly / function also. 

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