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Thursday, June 3, 2021

41 Skits for school assembly , annual day , free download skit- The Best Website

With the demand of schools to conduct skits in assembly or on any occasion, the need of teachers for skit in a particular format has been in demand always . These days the teachers do not have enough sources as per the demand for quality skits.

Here is a list of funny skits for school students and for teachers, english skit for students for primary students short skits with moral and comedy  english comedy skits with dialogues for theatre performance

  However here is a list of skits which is very useful for all the teachers(My Own Experience Says) ... Moreover i have given a link below which will take you the best free website for skits. The site has a huge collection of skits on moral values ....

All links will lead you to the website : Kidsinco

Free download skit on :

1. Cinderella.  7 characters.  Author:  Brothers Grimm.
2.  The Spirit Inside The Bottle. 3 characters.  Author:  Brothers Grimm.
3. The Mice Wedding. 10 characters.
4. The Chair 3 characters.  Author: Unknown. Moral Value: Faith in God.
5. The Good Man and His Son. 6 characters.  Author: Aesop Fable. Moral:  We can not always do what people want us to do.  We can´t please everybody because there will always be someone who will not  agree with us. Don´t listen to other people’s gossip.

6. Story of the First Thanksgiving.
7. The Sunflower. 2 characters
8. The Mousetrap. 7 characters.
9. The Tree and the Woodcutter. 8 characters.  Moral Value: Respect for Nature
10 . The Wolf and the Little Goats4 characters . Author:  Aesop Fable
13. A Crazy Story. 8 characters.

14. The Suitcase. 5 characters
15. The Magic Pencil. 3 characters
16. The Little Red Flower. 3 characters. 
17. Little Red Riding Hood3 characters.  Author:  Brothers Grimm.
18. Goldilocks and the Three Bears4 characters.  Author:  Robert Southey
19. Mr. Cat´s Party . 9 characters,
20. The Puzzle. 6 characters 
21. The First Day of School. 6 characters
22. Los Tres  Cochinitos Contra el Virus A-H1N1.  27  o mas personajes.  
23. The Fox and the Stork.  2 characters.  Author: Aesop Fable.  Moral:  One bad turn deserves another. 
24. Treasure Mountain. 4 characters. Author:  Unknown
25. Sleeping Beauty. 9 characters.  Author:  Charles Perrault

26. Cinderella. 9 characters.   Author: Brothers Grimm
28. A Man, His Horse, and His Dog. 3 characters.   Author:  A Folktale from Egypt.
29. Mary, The Hen. 9 characters.  Author: English Folktale. 
30. The Gingerbread Boy. 8 characters .  Author:  Unknown
31. Jack and the Beanstalk. 4 characters.  Author:  English Fairy Tale 
32. It’s My Looks!   2 characters.  Author: K I D S I N C O

site with Free download Skits OR Free Download Moral Skits will be listed soon.

Are you looking for: Short skits for students or  Short skits with moral or  Skit for kindergarten students or  Funny skits for school or Short funny skits or Preschool skits and plays or Children's day skit script  then KIDSINCO is what you want!

33. The Tale of Petter Rabbit.   7 characters. Author:  Beatrix Potter
34.Chicken Little6 characters .  Author:  African Folktale
35. Beauty and the Beast. 5 characters .  Author: Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont 
36. The Ugly Duckling.  17 characters .  Author:  Hans Christian Andersen.  Moral Value:  Tolerance .  

37. Moses Story. 6 characters.  Author:  The Bible
38. The Emperor´s New Clothes. 10 characters or more.  Author:   Hans Christian Andersen
39. The Nightingale.5 characters.  Author: Hans Christian Andersen
40.The Three King´s Daughters. 7 characters. Author: Unknown

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