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Monday, August 23, 2021

Reasons to keep mathematics in the daily curriculum


Reasons to keep mathematics in the daily curriculum

Mathematics is behind science and technology. Also, there are several technical domains where its model is used. However, when it comes to the school curriculum. Has anyone pondered over the fact why mathematics is a part of the school curriculum? In India, math is a compulsory subject to pursue till the 10th standard.

Moreover, it is a part of general education for different academic levels. Many academic experts develop logical ability and effective cognitive mindset. Although, it is also a nightmare for plenty of learners. Therefore, we cited a few reasons to keep mathematics in the school’s daily curriculum.

Why is Math an important school curriculum module?

Math is the basic strength of all sciences

Physics, chemistry, space science, and life science all these modules are based on mathematics. In fact, all technology is all because of mathematics. Whether it is logarithmic functions of a calculator or measuring the liquid density, thanks to mathematics that made it possible to calculate physical quantities.

Calculators, personal computers, and several measuring devices are all mathematical formula based. Also, several scientists use maths to develop robot prototypes. Therefore, we can say that mathematics is an important module in the curriculum. Training mathematical concepts from the school level is a great mode to enhance the scientific literacy of learners.

A daily part of the human life

Maths is available in different forms that play a vital role in our daily lives. Monthly budget, and managing monthly expenditure requires calculation. So, the calculation is not possible without basic mathematical knowledge. Every day and every minute humans are surrounded by mathematics.

Fitness tracking apps and clocks which show time are all derived from mathematical concepts only. Architecture made it possible to construct advanced buildings. Also, math helped to connect with the community with others easily with telecommunication. Hence, we can say that maths is a daily part of human life. It makes us punctual and aware of our habits.

Develops the learners’ logical attitude

Solving a mathematical problem does not mean only getting good marks in the exam. But, it also develops the logical thinking ability to train the mind. With this, students will follow several tactics to solve particular problems. Moreover, complicated concepts like the Limit and Continuity develop the mental ability to measure the abrupt changes.

Because of mathematics, students build the imagination power to measure complicated scenarios. Like, calculating 100 watermelons, 50 trucks, and space objects require imagination and mathematical formulas. Therefore, we conclude that maths is an effective tool to build logical thinking.

Pinpoint to the exact statements

Certain theorems like Pythagoras or calculus rules are to the point. This means there are no exceptions and out of the box rules. Therefore, learners find it easy to pursue higher education. Mathematics is all about formulas, facts and gives accurate results without any assumptions. Thus, math is useful to get the actual result without any chance of mistakes.

Mathematics develops the logical attitude that brings the real solution to different complicated problems. However, certain algebraic terminologies may confuse learners. But, if they are understood thoroughly then there would be no problem in mathematics.

Wrapping it up

Mathematics is not a challenging subject. Dedication and regular studies will help overcome its fear. Over the years, it helped in several inventions and technology boosts. So, one must not ignore the subject. Integrating mathematics into the school curriculum is a good way to develop logical thinking and cognitive power. Several engineering and technical domain aspirants require the same in their higher education. Therefore, math becomes an essential priority for them.

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